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Who we are

We Live arises from the gathering of skills and knowledge from a group of friends. It is an association of people with complementary knowledge, which allows to provide a complete service to the customer who seeks in a single company all the necessary know-how to develop an operation.


The company's main objective is to simplify the entire process, supporting the customer throughout the process, so that the desire for change is as pleasant as possible.


The name comes naturally, as we intend to create a strong bond between the client and our team, with the aim of creating the desired space to live.


Thus, WE represents the junction of customers' needs with our competencies, making this customer / company meeting a strong “us”.


The word LIVE results from the aspiration that the association “we” has in creating a space tailored to the family that will live in it, given that houses are always a fundamental extension of our memories and experiences.


Bernardo Flores.jpg
Bernardo Flores
James Fitzgerald

Global Technology Executive

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Ricardo Garcia
Ricardo Meirinhos.jpeg
Ricardo Meirinhos
Tiago Spratley
Tiago Spratley
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