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Bernardo Flores


Bernardo graduated from FEUP with degree of Metallurgical Engineering and Materials, and started from an early age, working in the commercial area - initially at Hilti and then at Riopele. He attended an MBA at the prestigious EADA, in Barcelona. Since the end of his studies he has invested in several business areas in the restaurant industry (Twins, Fé Wine & Club, Prégar, Jardim na Villa). He entered the real estate development through Cleverbuild, a company in which he was a partner of Tiago Spratley, and a company in which he stood out for the creation of the B Clever sub-brand, the real estate “arm” of the company, which in a few years reached a respect and market share very relevant. After the sale of his stake in Cleverbuild, he has dedicated himself to investments in real estate, from north to south of the country, as well as partnerships with leading partners. Bernardo Flores is responsible for the search and analysis of business opportunities, as well as the relational development of the brand with the market.

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