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WE LIVE in Professor Augusto Nobre

In one of the noblest avenues in the city, We Live presents a luxury product. A V5 + 1 villa with swimming pool, with more than 120 m2 of rooms, has everything we can aspire to in a home.

The lower service floor will have a garage with a car area, complemented by an extra space for motorbikes, bicycles and a play area. There will also be a “wine tasting” room, a maid's suite and a laundry room in proportion to the area of ​​the house.

On the visiting floor, in addition to an independent kitchen and dining room, we will also have a room with multiple possible functions, all of them with direct connection to the outside, be it the dining and living area, or the leisure space of the pool.

On the bedroom floor, we will have 4 suites, with several dressing areas and private balconies.

On the upper floor, a master suite is designed, with a dressing area, shoe and wallet spaces, luggage rack, large bathroom, and a terrace with a private jacuzzi.

Undoubtedly a dream home, with everything we can imagine, in a perfect place in Foz do Douro.


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